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Organic Buckwheat Hulls

Organic Buckwheat Hulls

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- Choose between 1lbs, 3lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs and 20lbs of organic buckwheat hulls

- Grown in the USA with Highest quality Standards.

- guaranteed pesticide/toxic free

- hypoallergenic

- Perfect for filling and/or stuffing for sleeping pillows, therapeutic pillows , bolsters, restorative yoga props, throw pillows, cushions, craft. It can also be used as mulch for houseplants.

Our naturally organic buckwheat hulls have a beanbag-like feel and contours to your body. Buckwheat is great for use in pillows, meditation cushions, zafus, beanbags, floor mats, dolls and so much more! Buckwheat husks are considered very firm and are meant to keep your body, head, neck and spine aligned. Buckwheat hulls are also called Sobakawa and promote airflow, are temperature neutral and naturally resistant to dust mites. They also repel moisture, keeping mold from growing.

After harvesting, the buckwheat hulls are separated from the seeds and are cleaned using a powerful air jet technology that is intended to blow out any dirt or debris, they are not fumigated using any chemicals or roasted.

Buckwheat is naturally organic as it is resistant to pests and is a sustainable crop that requires no pesticides and very little input from the land to mature. The buckwheat is sourced from a grower in the US.

Buckwheat hulls (or shell) of a buckwheat seed makes for a bean-bag-like feel that conforms to your head, neck or body. Buckwheat is used in pillows, meditation cushions, zafus, beanbags and mattresses. Buckwheat allows for easy airflow to keep you cool and dry. If you need +/-. please send a message.
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