About Us

Cleveland Sewing Company conducts sewing manufacturing for businesses of all sizes. Over the past 10 years, we've specialized in home goods, bags, and apparel.  Green living is very important to us and we're glad you're here!  Our mediums primarily consist of hemp, sustainable & repurposed canvas, linen, and organic cotton.  Our goal is to provide your business with beautiful, well-made, sustainable goods to guide our world to carbon neutrality.


For Corporate Gifting

We've worked with businesses of all sizes on high quality, sustainable gifts.  Your imagination is free to run wild, as we create your gifts from start to finish, including screen printing and or embroidery services. Your brand is important to us and we'd love to help you express gratitude to your employees, customers and vendors while demonstrating good stewardship to the Earth.  Let us craft a unique and beautiful gift to share that will reduce the size of your carbon footprint and your recipients will love to use.

For Event Planners

We're great at branded goodie bags, Custom linens, and other sewn goods to create the most memorable events.  Give us a call to chat about your specific needs.  

For Retailers

We love doing business with retailers and we offer wholesale pricing for our in stock goods.  See a blank item you have a great idea to print on or have an idea for a new, unique product?  Let's get it going and selling in your store.  

Hannah talks about sustainability on Fox 8's New Day Cleveland! (Dec 2022)